General Cargo/Break Bulk
Flexible solutions for complex shipments with our Break Bulk facility

General Cargo

At 3 Ways Cargo Service, we have a dedicated team that ensures exceptional care is taken for your unique cargo!

3 Ways Cargo Service possesses the expertise to handle and transport heavy and bulk equipment to any destination worldwide. With our skilled and experienced staff and advanced technology, we understand the requirements of businesses to transport heavy machinery and equipment to other locations. Regardless of the size or weight of the equipment, our team can solve any challenge that arises and make sure that your business objectives are achievable.

General Cargo refers to cargo that is too heavy and oversized to be shipped in a single standard container. Whether it’s the weight or size, at 3 Ways Cargo Service, we simplify the process of transporting your bulk cargo to its final destination with our expertise and experience.

Our team provides tailor-made and effective solutions to transport your oversized and heavy break bulk cargo.

3 Ways Cargo Service offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers, including air, sea, and land transportation services.

Cargo that is too large or heavy to fit inside a standard shipping container and is typically transported as non-unitized cargo. It is often secured onto flat racks with numerous lashing points. Common examples of Break Bulk shipments include yachts, masts, industrial machinery, and train carriages.

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